What if I am not able to complete the online application?

Please email support.hr@lindamoodbell.com or call at (805) 546-5693 for assistance. 


General Applications Tips:

  • Complete the application within 45 minutes
  • Keep resume file name fairly short
  • Do not use the browser back buttons
  • Use the current browser versions of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome
  • Clear temporary files and cookies from your browser
  • Match the type of format for the field (eg. a date field will need to be DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Don't worry if your resume shows up unformatted in the online application system.  It will attach to your online application in the correct format
  • Make sure that all applicable fields are filled in correctly, as some fields will not auto-complete from your resume upload
  • If you receive an error, please make a note of the error code.  This will help when speaking with our Human Resources Department
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection


What can I expect after I apply?

After completing the application process, you will receive an email confirmation from no-reply@silkroad.com within 15 minutes.  If you do not receive this email, you will need to check your spam filter.  If the email is not in your spam filter, please email support.hr@lindamoodbell.com so we can look into this for you.

The Human Resources Department will contact you after reviewing your resume to inform you of the next steps.  You may be invited to attend a Lindamood-Bell screening.  


What does the screening process consist of?

The screening takes approximately 45 minutes. At the screening, you will learn who we are as a company and complete our entrance evaluations consisting of a spelling assessment and a reading comprehension assessment.


Can I re-apply if I screened in the past and was not hired?

You can take our screening assessment again 3 months after your previous screening.  Please let the Human Resources Department know if you have screened in the past.


What do I do if I can’t reset the password on the account?

For help resetting a password, please contact Rival Support at (800) 233-1819. 


What if I receive a “Current Action Temporarily Unavailable” message directly after uploading a resume?

This typically occurs only when your resume file name is too long or contains special characters.  Reduce the file name to less than 14 characters and remove any special characters from the file name, then repeat the upload process.  If you continue to experience the error, contact Lindamood-Bell’s Human Resources Department for assistance at support.hr@lindamoodbell.com or (805)546-5693.


What do I do if I’m unable to move to “Step 2” of the process after entering profile data when using Internet Explorer?

This error is specific to Internet Explorer and does not occur in Chrome and Firefox. Please try using a different browser.


How do I use my existing profile to apply for multiple jobs?

To apply using an existing profile, first, click on the job listing that interests you. Below the job description, select “Existing Resume/CV” and log into your profile when prompted. Once you have logged in, look at the submittal history where you will see the previous applications and click “Submit this profile” to the right. This will submit your information for the next application and if you are presented with an Electronic Application form, your previous answers will still be populated.  Continue through the form and update the information as needed. Once you click “Submit and Continue,” you will receive a confirmation that the application was submitted.


How do I remove a resume attachment if it remains in the profile after I delete it?

When you click the "delete" icon to the left of the attachment it will actually remove the file from the system.  It does not reflect this when you view it. When the application is reviewed by Lindamood-Bell, however, they will be viewing the file you used to replace the one you removed rather than seeing the old one.


How do I add a cover letter or additional attachment to my application?

To add a cover letter or additional attachment, please log in and click view resume/CV. Scroll down to the bottom. From there attach the document and click upload. 


Can I be notified of future open positions in my area?

If you did not find an open position under Employment Listings you can set up a Job Agent to email you jobs that match your skillset. Click here to create a job agent and if you already have a job agent set up, you can log in to update your current job agent.