Can I get Internship credits at Lindamood-Bell?

Yes, we’re happy to work with you and your college/university department to help you get credit for the skills you learn and the services you provide at Lindamood-Bell.  Talk to Learning Center staff or email for more information.


What level of education is required for the Clinician (Tutor) position?

A bachelor's degree is preferred. However, an AA degree, Early Childhood Education certificate, or actively pursuing a degree is acceptable.


Do I need prior teaching experience to work at Lindamood-Bell?

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes provides paid intensive training in the programs and methods we use.  All you need is a positive, energetic personality and passion for helping people learn to read and comprehend to their potential. 


What does a typical work schedule look like?

Our Learning Centers and Seasonal Learning Camps are generally open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The hours you work will depend on your employment status and the needs of the Center or Camp.


Is there an opportunity for advancement at Lindamood-Bell?

Yes! We value our employees and provide development and advancement paths for employees who demonstrate strong job knowledge, commitment to quality, and initiative.


What does a Seasonal position mean?

Seasonal employees are hired for a short-term, limited-duration job arising out of special projects or busy seasons. Generally, a seasonal employee’s hours will vary week to week based on the needs of the center. A seasonal employee is not assured continuing employment during or after the duration of the busy season for which the employee was hired.


What do Regular Full-time and Regular Part-time mean?

Regular Full-time means you work a regular weekly schedule of at least 30 hours a week. Regular Part-time means you work a regular weekly schedule of fewer than 30 hours a week. This will generally mean you work the same days and times each week with limited variance.